About Us

Music For Pleasure has been in business since 1988.  We have been in our current location (in Webster Groves) since 2001.  Music For Pleasure began and continues today as the St. Louis Metropolitan area’s high performance audio destination.  We have continuously received “Best In St. Louis” awards from River Front Times and St. Louis Magazine.

What makes us unique as compared to other local and “big box” retail stores?

First and foremost it is our people and our passion for music.  Most of us either play or have played an instrument at one point of our lives.  We listen to and judge the equipment we decide to carry based on if it conveys that “just like being there” feeling.  Whether it is our entry level or our most elaborate equipment, you can be assured that you will get goose bumps when listening to your favorite tunes on a Music For Pleasure system.

Our crew from left to right: Rob Carney, Eric Sharp, Dwayne Boyer


Second it is our focus.  Most of us have heard the phrase “Jack of all trades master of none”.  We find it interesting and amusing that some stores refer to themselves as “Audio/Video” experts yet offer everything from alarms to vacuums! At Music For Pleasure all we do is high performance audio and video.  This means all of our time is devoted to finding the best sounding and looking systems available today.  We can implement those technologies in a way to make sure the end user “you” get full enjoyment all the time and understand how to use your system the way you need and want to.

We bring an ear for, experience with, and a sense of how to combine the right electronics, speakers, cables, and environments to maximize our clients tastes and budgets.